Photo by Levi Saunders on Unsplash

Today, I cried.

Inauguration Day. January 20, 2021. Just two short weeks since sedition and insurrection rocked the nation’s capitol, we bore witness to the promise of real unity. Real hope in diversity that truly represents the United States of America.

As Kamala Harris made her entrance for the final time as Vice-President Elect, I surprised myself with laughter that brought me to my knees. Tears of relief welled up and blurred my vision, head bowed to the floor as my body released a secretly held tension from years of waiting.

“Today!” I cried.

Kamala Harris. Dr. Jill Biden. Justice Sonia Maria Sotomayor. Andrea Hall. Amanda Gorman. Reverend Dr. Silvester Beaman. Lady Gaga. Jennifer Lopez.

I cried from relief. I cried for hope. I cried for the beauty of representation.

Today, we celebrate and the world celebrates with us.



so who can tell me when the world will end//and life will begin// and all that we know will come to an end//and what we will find when all the present shall pass//and the future will turn to what we ask is real//not what we think should be//because then//only then//will they listen and see//to know the truth//not control the lie//is the way to see through wisdom’s eye



I just woke up
and realized
that my motivation for
except to survive

It’s that hollow empty feeling
in the pit of your stomach
and a ripping, choking tightness
in the back
of your throat.

All because of everything
that just keeps on happening
to the people around me
that I love
and the ones
I thought cared for more than

but I was wrong.

Looking for someone to help
straighten out this mess —
in the end, all it was creating


Symptoms leaving me cold.
Starting to bring me down.

But don’t let yourself come down with me.
You don’t need this insanity.

We all have a different story.

Go write your own.